Signs that indicate fishy usage of mobile phone

Signify Suspicious Usage Points Of Mobile Phone

The act of spying on someone has always raised questions on ethics and morality. However, in modern times, the advent of spy tools have not only facilitated the process but also silenced the hype about its ethical inappropriateness. Today it is not considered something very weird to snoop around into someone’s private affairs, provided the reasons are valid and well warranted. So, whether you suspect that your child is viewing adult content over the web or any of your employees is doing an insider job and leaking out your corporate secrets, you can easily choose from a large variety of cell phone monitoring smartphone, available on the internet and install it on the smartphone of your child or suspected employee.

However, some people have a knack for poking their noses into other people’s lives and spying for the sake of sport or gathering evidences for wrong purposes. This is not at all permissible and actually punishable by law. You are only allowed to monitor your child, partner or employee, if you smell something fishy going on in their lives. Now the question arises: How do we exactly ascertain that things are getting off the track and taking a wrong turn?

Here are some of the signs that may help you decide if something suspicious is going on in their lives and whether or not you would choose to track their activities via their cell phones.

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They use their cell phones excessively:

If you are in a marketing or an information industry(such as a newspaper), where your employees have a lot of customer handling to do, their over-use of cell phones may not make your eyebrows rise. Or if your child has to submit an important project next week or an exam to prepare with his friends, his/her constant occupation with their cell phones may be quite understandable. But if nothing is so and the obsession with their mobile phones still persists, it is an undercover indication that something is just not right.

So, the next time you eye some of your employees busy texting during an important meeting or your child glued to his/her phone at meal or bed time, way into late hours of the night, do not ignore it at all.

It may be clue that maybe they are involved in activities that they should refrain from. In such kind of situations, installing a spying software on the targeted phone is certainly a good option.

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They don’t make communication in front of you:

Does your spouse cuts off his calls during meal time or suffices with replying through text at such times? Or does your child or employee always goes out of the room to attend a phone call? If so, there is certainly something to hide. It may, thus be the right time for you to install a spying app on the targeted cell phone and find out the secrets they are trying to keep from you. Indeed you will be well justified in doing so!

They always keep their cell phones with them:

Normal people do not over-possess their cell phones. They may leave them idle for a while and do not necessarily lock it using passwords or swipe patterns. Unless the circumstances or the nature of their jobs require someone to keep their cell phones with them at all times and secure it too, there is no reason why one should do so. For instance it is completely sane to leave your phone lying by your bedside when you go to attend the call of nature or to let others use your smartphone for making calls or browsing the web.

However if you observe reluctance to leave the mobile alone or to hand it over to someone, it may be a covert sign that something fishy is going on, that they seem so keen to hide from you. So, the next time your child doesn’t let his/her sibling touch the smartphone or your spouse constantly hovers over you while you call your mum, wait no longer! Install the monitoring app on their smartphones and get a bird’s eye view of their cellular logs and other activities conducted on their phones.

To wrap it up, installing a smartphone spying software on the cell phone of your child, partner or employee may not seem justified at first, but in case you observe any or all of the signs mentioned above, you are left with no option but to immediately start monitoring the activities of the suspected person on his/her cell phone and tablet.

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5 tips for securing your business online

Online Business Security Recommended Tips

In today’s business world, business rivals can use any way to boost their sales and profits, without giving it a thought that the way they are adopting is ethical or not. Recently, various cases have been reported where the management of the business has spied on the confidential information of their business rivals, for the sake of making their own mark in the industry. Most of the cases show that companies look for disloyal employees of the other company, bribe them, and then get hold of such information, which crucial to business’ prosperity. Cyber crimes are also increasing day after day, where the hackers steal the secret information of a business and sell it to the rivals in return for quite a heavy amount of money. Furthermore, often it is not possible for the businesses to track down or counter these attacks.

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Now the question arises that what a business owner may do to secure the confidential information. There are multiple ways of doing so, and some of them are discussed here.


You always need to make sure that the passwords you use for the social media accounts of your business, banks accounts, PayPal, hosting account, or any other such accounts, are strong enough to be unbreakable for the hackers or your business rivals.

Another thing worth mentioning is that you also need to keep your Wi-Fi network under a secure password. I remember my former boss had protected the company’s Wi-Fi under a password named after his son. Such an insecure password can be cracked by anybody who intends to do so.

Making strong passwords is one of the very basic steps you may take to secure your business online. In case you have not made secure passwords, snoopers can easily access your private information and make you suffer unbearable losses.

Securing the business website:

Maintaining a security system for securing your website is also very crucial to your business’ security, as Malware cannot only affect hard drives of the computers, but can also greatly affect the performance of a website by exposing it to different hazards.

Such a condition not only makes it very difficult for the customers to seek information or place online orders through the website, but also exposes confidential information to the hackers. Moreover, the site takes too long to load, displays unwanted information, and also infects the user’s computer. So you need to regularly scan your company’s website and look for any infections and malware. Hiring a security consultant for this job is a workable idea too.


A very good idea is to encrypt all the confidential information, so that even if somebody is able to access your business’ information, he is not able to read the information and use it for his own good.

Back up the data:

You need to make a complete back up of all the data at an online secure server, so that you are able to retrieve back your data in case of any system break down or hacker’s attack. Performing this step would allow you to restore your website as soon as possible in case somebody intends to access the information present on your network.

Employees monitoring:

As mentioned earlier, inside job is one of the main reasons of security break downs and transfer of confidential information to the business rivals. So, it is very important for you to monitor if any of your employees is revealing confidential information to the rivals. To do so, you may provide them with cell phones, with a cell phone spy software installed on them. A cell phone spy guide lets you aware to monitor all the communication activities performed by your employees, such as:

  • Monitoring the incoming and outgoing calls
  • Reading the text messages and messages communicated over social media platforms
  • Monitoring the communication made through E-mail.

Mobile phone monitoring app also performs a number of functions such as tracking down the location of the employee through GPS, accessing the contacts database and gallery items, and checking the calendar entries of the targeted cell phone.

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Some business owners may think that it is a very expensive deal to provide smartphones to their employees and monitor them through a cell phone tracking software, but let me tell you that the benefits of this step easily outweighs its costs.

Implementing any or all of the above mentioned steps would help you to secure your business online, which will save you from hackers’ attacks and system breakdowns, and would in turn help you to run your business smoothly online.

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iPhone Spy Software Review

Detailed Review Of iPhone Monitoring Software

iOS has made its place in the hearts of people by giving out smart apps and iTunes combined with ultimate processing speed and advanced security systems. Though some folks would beg to differ, but it is a fact that no other operating system is as popular among the teens as iOS is. What’s more? Apple is always struggling to bring improvements to its operating system, the latest release being iOS 8.

As the usage of smartphones, especially iOS has increased among young people, it has given rise to many problems such as cyberbullying and unauthorized usage of internet. In such an environment, parents are much concerned about the security of their children as much in their online world as offline.

It is next to impossible to act like a sentinel perched on their shoulders, watching over your children’s activities, round the clock. Especially if the activities and communications are confined to their smartphones, it becomes all the more difficult to make out their oral and written conversations and the content that they watch on the World Wide Web.

But let me ease your nerves by telling you that this is not an issue that cannot be resolved. In fact, you can monitor the iPhone of your child with the help of an iPhone spy software. Let us check out the details of an iOS monitoring software.

What exactly is an iOS monitoring software?

An iOS spy software is an application, which is used to fully monitor any iOS phone or iPad.  At present, many companies in the market are offering iPhone spy software programs. These software applications vary a great deal in their monitoring features and package prices. Having said this, let us now investigate how an iOS monitoring software really works.

How an iPhone spy software works?

Once you have purchased an iPhone spy software license from a service provider, you need to install the software application on the target Apple device, may it be an iPhone or an iPad.

An important point, that you need to know, in this regard is that an iPhone spy software program cannot be installed from a remote location. You need to have physical access to the targeted cell phone, at least for once. Once the app is installed on the targeted cell phone, the app will gather all the information from the target device and send it to the company’s website. The user can then access the data saved on the company’s website through a secure user id and password.

Major functions of an iOS monitoring software

 Some of the key features of such a software program are explained in detail below:

  • Monitoring phone calls

Once installed on the targeted iOS device, the app allows you to monitor the calls made to and from the phone. This lets you be in the loop and see for yourself the people your child is in contact with, the most. In case you suspect anything fishy, you may take immediate remedial action. Monitoring the phone calls is a very elementary function and is available in nearly all the iOS spy software programs available over the internet.

  • Intercepting live calls

Some of the advanced apps available in the market allow you to intercept live incoming and outgoing phone calls on the targeted smartphone. Using such apps, you can not only record the live calls and save the recorded clip over the internet but also download it to your system, for offline reference. However, this is an advanced function and is not available on all the iOS tracking software programs available in the market.

  • Text messages and iMessages

In the case that your child is more interested in communicating through text messages or iMessages from his/her iPhone rather than making phone calls, you can also read complete sent and received message threads. What’s more? You can even retrieve the old and deleted messages.

  • Communication over social media platforms

With an iPhone spy software installed on the targeted cell phone, you can monitor the conversations made by your child over the social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Line. Such a feature enhances and improves the parental monitoring of your child.

  • Physical location of the Apple user

Are you one of those parents who are constantly worried about their children’s whereabouts when they are away from home? If yes, then you may install an iOS monitoring software on your child’s Apple device. Once installed on the targeted iOS phone or tablet, you can track the real time position of your child’s phone and of course, your child too. Spy software programs use GPS to track down the location of the targeted cell phone.

  • Internet browsing  

Parents do not want their children to view adult content online, and they use several tools such as proxies and other browsing restrictions, to achieve that. However, children often outsmart their parents by going around the restrictions imposed by them. In such a case, you can easily use an iOS monitoring software to browse through their internet history and even view the logs that they deliberately deleted.. Monitoring internet browsing not only keep your child from viewing above-age and explicit material online, but also lets you know if your child becomes a victim of bullying. In this context, this software serves the dual purpose of being a monitoring as well as a parental control app.

  • Surround recording

With an iOS spy software, you can, not only listen to the recorded phone calls, but you can also hear the voices surrounding the target iPhone. You only need to send a secret command to the target phone, from your web account to convert it into a very powerful recorder. The cell phone will record and send the ambient sounds to the company’s server, from where you can access it easily. This way you can not only find out what kind of language your child uses behind your back but also the kind of company he/she sits in and the topics they usually like to discuss. As children usually share their problems with their friends, this is an interesting way to find out what’s going on in their lives, too!

  • Contacts and Multimedia files

  • You can also access the contact database of the targeted cell phone through iOS monitoring software. Moreover, you can also access the photos and videos saved anywhere on the phone.

    Personal use

iOS monitoring software is as good for child monitoring as it is for personal use. Do not get amazed. Let me explain how that can be done.

If your iPhone is loaded with a surveillance application, you can easily track the location of your cell phone if you forgot where you kept it at home or dropped it on the road. In this way, it can also acts as an iOS tracking device. Isn’t that cool?

Considering the functions that an iOS spy software can perform, it can be positively concluded that it is a very useful app for monitoring your children on and off the internet, making them operate within safe limits.

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Blackberry Spy Software Review

Detailed Review Of Blackberry Monitoring App

The reason why Blackberry is preferred by corporate users over any other operating system is due to some of its key features such as super-fast access to Email, and Blackberry Messenger (BBM). Moreover, the convenience of having a back-up of all the data present in the cell phone on the company’s server, makes it the top choice for any corporate executive.

What is an inside job?

You must have heard this term on any business news channel or may have read about it in the business section of any famous newspaper. But if you are still new to the term, I am here to explain it to you.

An Inside job may be defined as an illegal and criminal act of leaking out some confidential information by someone holding a key position in a company, for the sake of his/her own benefit. For instance, if a bank manager provides the information about the bank’s security system to a thief in return for a share in the loot money, the manager has done an insider job. I think this example is enough to clarify the concept and to give you an idea about how crucial is it to keep a check on one’s employees.

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How to counter it?

Now this is a really big question for the corporate executives. The executives cannot possibly find out exactly with whom his employee meets, communicates over social media platforms, or makes phone calls to. To counter this issue and make things easier, corporate executives may use a Blackberry monitoring software.

What is a Blackberry spy software?

Blackberry spy software is a monitoring application, which a businessman or a corporate executive may use to fully monitor the cell phone of his employee. Such apps are widely available in the market, offering a wide variety of features and available in different price brackets.

How does a Blackberry spy software works?

Before discussing the working mechanism of such a software program, I would like to share a couple of things you need to take care of before purchasing a Blackberry monitoring software:

  • The targeted cell phone must be compatible with the app you want to install.
  • You must have physical access to the targeted cell phone, as no such app can be installed from a remote location.

Now let me tell you how such a software operates.

After you purchase the license from the service provider, you need to install the app on the targeted cell phone. Once installed, it gathers all the information from the targeted cell phone and saves it over the company’s server. The data saved on the company’s server can then be accessed by the admin through a secure user id and password. In this way, you can satisfactorily serve the purpose of securing your business.

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What it can do?

A Blackberry spy software performs a variety of useful functions when it comes to employee monitoring. Some of them are explained below:

  • Monitoring phone calls:

If a Blackberry monitoring application is installed on the employee’s phone, the manager can easily monitor the calls made to and from the targeted cell phone. This is a basic function and is available in almost all the cell phone monitoring apps available in the market.

  • Intercepting live calls:

Using a spy app, you may intercept live calls made to and from the targeted device, record the mobile conversations, save them over the internet and download them to your PC. However, this is an advanced feature, and is only offered by a few companies.

  • Monitoring Text messages and Pin Messages:

A manager may also read the Text and Pin message threads on the employee’s phone, only if a Blackberry monitoring app has been installed by the manager on the targeted cell phone.

  • Communication over social media platforms:

The communications made over social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, can also be read through a Blackberry spy software program.

  • Recording the voices in the surroundings:

With Blackberry spy software, you can listen to and record the voices that surround the targeted cell phone. This makes it a perfect employee monitoring tool, as you can come to know if your employee is sharing confidential company information with any of your competitors.

  • Tracking the location

Blackberry monitoring software also lets you know the exact location of your employee, as the application installed in the targeted cell phone works hand in hand with the GPS.

In this way, you can come to know if your subordinate is stopping by at your competitors’ place or having close ties with your arch rival.

  • Monitoring emails

You do not need to worry in case your suspect tries to communicate through email rather than using any other way of communication. A Blackberry monitoring software also lets you monitor all e-mail logs including incoming, outgoing, old and even deleted emails easily.

  • Accessing contacts and multimedia files:

Contacts database and multimedia files present on the targeted cell phone can also be accessed through a Blackberry spy software.

  • Monitoring browsing history:

You can also monitor the web pages visited by the suspect if you have installed a Blackberry spy application on the targeted mobile phone. And that’s not it! You can also find out the date, time, duration and frequency of visit to a particular website and view all bookmarked pages too!

  • Calendar entries:

By scanning the calendar entries marked on the target cell phone, you can come to know about all the future appointments of your employee.

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Thus, it is clear from monitoring features mentioned above that a Blackberry spy software can be a very useful employee monitoring application.

Almost all of the Blackberry monitoring software programs available in the market operate on two levels; basic and advanced. As the name implies, the basic version provides limited functions only, whereas the advanced version unleashes more sophisticated and advanced features. However, there are some companies, that provide full functionality on all the packages, the only difference being in the period for which the license remains valid for the user. A good example of such an app is TheOneSpy, which provides full functionality irrespective of the package chosen by the customer.


After analyzing the package plans and the features offered, one may come to the reasonable conclusion that TheOneSpy is the best employee monitoring software available in the market. It is completely compatible with all the Blackberry phones running on OS 5.0 or above, such as Blackberry Bold Touch, Bold, Bold2, Storm, and Storm 2.

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Android Spy Software Reviews

Detailed Review Of Android Phone Spy Software

You flip the pages on any smartphone and you’ll find more Android apps than any other. Android Operating System has tremendously gained on in its popularity, over the years. Android apps have become the number one choice for many owing to their appealing and user-friendly interface, smooth operations and usefulness in daily life.

Keeping the growing popularity of Android operating system in mind, many smartphone spyware companies have developed such monitoring apps that work in complete compatibility with all the versions of Android OS such as Froyo, Ice-cream Sandwich, Gingerbread, Jellybean, Kit-Kat, Lolly Pop and Marshmallow. Some top-notch names in this field include FlexiSPYmSpy, MobiStealth and TheOneSpy.

What can these android monitoring apps do for you?

Android spy apps take you on a complete round of the phone or tablet that you set-up for monitoring. Here is a list of things that you can easily do with these apps.

  • Monitor incoming and outgoing calls:

More or less, all Android spy apps let you monitor the dialed and received calls on the target device. However some advanced features provided by selective apps enable you to tap live calls by sending a secret SMS or a hidden call to the desired phone. They also give you the function to determine the duration of interception, record and save the audio files on your control panel as well as download them to your mobile, laptop or desktop, whatever you use to access your account.

  • Read text messages:

Android monitoring software programs enable you to extract all message logs, whether short or instant and send them to your web account. They also give you the names and numbers of each sender and recipient, marked with the date and time at which any message was sent or received. Some of them also let you retrieve old and deleted messages. A good number of spy apps also allow you to read the messages sent and received through social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and other such messengers.

  • Track the locations:

An Android spy app works in synchronization with the GPS and provides you the co-ordinates for the exact location of the target, any time you want. Moreover, these spy apps keep a record of all the previous places visited by the subject and provide you a graphical representation on Google map, for you to understand it better. This feature provides dual benefits: firstly it not only help you to keep a check on the target’s whereabouts, it also helps you locate your device in case it is stolen or lost.

  • Monitor browsing history:

Android spy software keeps you abreast of the browsing habits of your target, may it be your child, spouse or employee. It gives a detailed record of the internet browsing history, including the websites visited, the frequency and duration of visit as well as the date and time at which each visit took place. Some apps also have the smartness to excavate old and deleted webpages. In addition, you can also view the bookmarked pages that can give you an idea about the interests of the target.

How you may use it?

Android monitoring software can be used for different reasons but the salient purpose at hand is to be sure that the target is behaving in a proper way and not violating any ethical and legal boundaries.

Let’s have a quick look at its different applications in our daily lives:

  • Parental control application:

The question is why we need parental control application? It is common nowadays for teenagers to have a handset with them at all times. Some of their activities on their smartphones may be obvious but there is a lot more that they keep to themselves. Parents can use Android spy apps to monitor their mobile usage, such as checking out their messages, call logs, internet history, locations and much more. This way they can be sure that their child is not getting off the track, as in by sitting in bad company or by viewing adult & inappropriate content over the internet.

Moreover, by tracing their social media activity, parents can find out if their children are not becoming victims to cyberbullying.

  • Employee monitoring application:

Research on this subject shows that a big chunk of employees use their company time for non-work related activities such as using social media, chatting, online shopping and playing games. In a small organization, such kind of deviations can be easily noticed. But when it comes to companies that work on a mega-scale and have thousands of people working under them, it is very difficult to keep a watch on each one of them. In such cases, it is advisable to install Android spy apps on the company phones, before handing them over to the employees. This way, their deviations from work and loyalty to the company can be recorded and used as an evident proof by the managers and directors to sieve out people for the yearly promotions and appraisals. Plus, it also helps trace physical locations of the employees, especially those who work in the field. As it is incumbent upon the company to inform its members about the surveillance, it also discourages people from plotting conspiracies and bullying their colleagues, for the fear of getting fired.

  • Personal use:

What’s more interesting is that you may install an Android monitoring app on your own, personal cell phone. Now how can that be helpful?

Firstly, at times we need to reboot our devices, that can wipe out all data from our mobile phones. Instead of rushing here and there, plugging your device to other systems for transfer of data, Android spy software provide you with enough online space to save your phone data and create a back-up that is secure and can be accessed at any time.

Secondly, if your smartphone gets lost or stolen, you can, not easily trace its location from your control panel but also be saved from the hassle of gathering your data again.


Most android monitoring apps come in two basic packages; basic and premium, the difference being in the price and the number of features offered.

However, a few companies provide full functionality for all their packages, differentiating them from each other by the duration for which the license remains valid. A good example of one such enterprise is TheOneSpy.

How to use it?

In order to use an Android spy software, you need to log in to your personal account/control panel available on the company’s website. However, as it is not feasible for you to carry your laptop or desktop everywhere, TheOneSpy has launched its Android cell phone monitoring navigation app, named as TOS, which is available at the Play Store, Amazon, and Opera Store. This app facilitates its users to monitor their subjects, using all the features of the original cell phone monitoring software from anywhere around the globe.

Keeping the price, packages, and the  features offered in mind, we can proudly declare TheOneSpy to be the best Android monitoring app available in the market.

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