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How can your restaurant business benefit by monitoring your employees?

Employee monitoring benefits for restaurant business

Many people do not agree with the latest trends of employee monitoring at the hands of the company’s management. They believe it to be an outright violation of human rights and an encroachment on the basic need to privacy. But if done within the limits, it can actually do more good than harm.

Recently a study was conducted on various companies to find out the co-relation between employee misdemeanor and the overall performance of the company. The research was carried out on some popular restaurant chains and the aim was to unveil the acts of disloyalty on behalf of its employees including the managers, servers and bartenders. After all, theft of property and stealing of money on a daily basis can drastically affect the profit loss ratio and stunt the growth of the company.

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5 famous food chains, operating at 392 locations across the country were selected for this purpose. The study compared the results of the use of Restaurant guard, a theft detection software by NCR. This was made possible by collecting statistics of the organizational profits before and after the company started using the application. The results were shocking and surprisingly positive.

The software was installed on the main sale counters, through which daily sales were executed. The program generated automated reports and detailed records of transactions made through those terminals each day. As all the staff necessarily had to use these terminals to get things done, the system provided the management with a proper, detailed record of the activities that took place. NCR itself probed the data and generated statistical reports and alerts for the users of this software.

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Once the software was up and running, thefts seemed to decline, however not as much as expected. According to reports, the average amount of fall in thefts registered across different locations was only a little less than $25 per week. However, the pleasant aspect was that a sudden boost in productivity and performance was seen in parallel. The revenue generated on a weekly basis soared up by as much as 7% of the initial revenue. Although the figures may seem insignificant but when seen in context of the total revenue generated, the amount is high enough to make a material difference in the profitability of the location. Surprisingly, the progress remained consistent and didn’t even fade months after the adoption of the software.

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The question arises as to what was the real factor behind such large differences in profits? Obviously not the thing that the dishonest staff was fired and replaced by honest people as there was no increase in the rate of staff turnover during the time when software was being utilized. Then what? What we can imply from such statistics that the fear of being caught made mischievous elements more conscious of heir misdemeanors and behave more responsibly at work. Once the corrupt elements realized they could no longer go about engaging in the same fraudulent behavior, they felt that the best way for them to make more money was to do a better job and become a better employee. They thought another way to recover the difference was by offering better services and making more TIP money. It is difficult to imagine how this would have happened had the employees become angry or disgruntled over the fact that they were being monitored. In contrast they started doing things the right way. This was certainly a good outcome and surely deserves an applause.


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review for theonespy

Why TheOneSpy is amongst the best

TheOneSpy – Best Tracking and Spy Software

What is TheOneSpy?

TheOneSpy is a unique monitoring app which contains a number of features which anyone interested in monitoring and keeping a track on their loved ones would require. Using the features, users of this app can make sure that those they love are safe at all times. At the same time, this app can also be used by employers who can make sure that their employees are doing their work appropriately and not leaking any corporate secrets. Hence, TheOneSpy can be considered to be a monitoring app unlike any which is found today. Even better is the fact that the app is compatible with a number of operating systems which is why different versions are available for those who make use of Android, iPhones or Blackberry phones.

What features are offered by TheOneSpy?

The features offered by this app are yet to be found in other apps. Recently TheOneSpy is going to release 8 new features which work great and which have boosted the app even further in the market. These new features consist of:

Call recording

Sim change notification

Taking pictures using the front or back camera of the phone

Getting a list of installed applications

Video logging

Geo Fencing

GPS tracking

Mic Bug surround recording

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Most recent update of TheOneSpy filled with more social media monitoring features as follow:

IM/Social Media

Facebook messages Monitoring

Whatsapp Monitoring

Line Monitoring

Yahoo Messenger Monitoring

Skype monitoring

View all gmail emails stored on the Phone

Each of these features is new to the app and has boosted its monitoring and tracking abilities. The features are unique as they ensure the user of the app to know the location of the target phone at all times, to be able to record calls which are taking place, to get an idea of the surroundings through the picture taking feature, being able to know what kind of videos are being looked at and shared as well as the list of applications which are installed on the phone which could potentially be dangerous. Thus, by having such information, the appropriate action can be taken prior to any problems occurring.

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With these new features being added to the app, TheOneSpy has achieved a better place in the market in comparison to its competition such as the Flexispy. This is so because the features offered by TheOneSpy are done so at a reasonable and economical rate which is why most people prefer it to other apps available in the market. Due to this purpose, the user base of the app is now 3 million and rising with daily increases in not only the number of people using the app but those following it on social media. People from Canada, UK, USA and Australia to name a few are constantly making use of this app to ensure that their loved ones are safe and free from harm.

Why do people opt for TheOneSpy?

Apart from the economical rate offered by the app, another great thing about it is that it offers its service customers 24/7 support hence they never have to be troubled or confused regarding how they should be making use of the app. Any time they come across a difficulty they can easily constant customer support and get their issue resolved.

Similarly, another great feature is that TheOneSpy only allows those users to use the app who have provided them with written consent from the people who are to be monitored. This ensures that everyone involved is aware of what the app is to be used for and agrees to the purpose behind it. This thereby removes the possibility of any ethical or legal action to be taken since everyone is on board with the use of the app.

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