Top 5 FAQ cell phone spy software

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions about Spying Apps

Questions Aware of Before Buy Cell Phone Spy Software.

If spying technology does not give you the creeps nor makes you feel the slightest suspicious at the first sound of it, then there is a fairly good chance that you aren’t thinking it through like you should be. Whether you are a concerned parent of a bunch of rebellious and adventurous kids or an uptight employee trying to figure out a safe way that protects you as well as your employees’ interests then here are a few questions that must have definitely crossed your mind. And adequate answers to go with them that will hopefully give you some semblance of peace and hope.

Question 1: Is it even legal to spy on your kids and employees?

Yes, it is very much legal to spy on your kids as well as your employees. However, there is a fine line that divides ethic from legality. Although many people debate strongly that spying applications are ethically unjustified but from a legal standing, these monitoring apps are safe.

You may feel like you are breaching your kid’s privacy by installing a monitoring application to their phone, but it all depends on how far you are willing to go with the application’s features. However from a legal stand point, it is alright to use a monitoring application to keep an eye on your kid. On the other hand, as an employer you can add a non disclosure agreement with every employee’s contract that clearly states that they will be monitored over company owned gadgets and every information and data on these gadgets belongs to the company.

Question 2: Are spy apps compatible with non rooted and non jail broken devices?

Only recently has this problem been adequately dealt with. Today you will find numerous monitoring applications in the market that are compatible and work well on non-rooted as well as jail broken phones. Initially there was an issue where downloading spying applications were not able to download on such gadgets but that is fairly because trusted sources like the Apple store or the Google Store did not support it. However, today you will also find many safe and reliable external sources from where you can download monitoring applications.

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Question 3: How reliable are spy applications?

Occasionally when people are served with results generated through a spying application, they are utterly shocked. However they also tend to misplace there shock with reliability issues of the spying application. The results are fairly horrifying and hence it is easier to blame the monitoring software instead. However, let it be understood properly that the results generated through reliable and well reputed spying applications are very reliable and authentic. In fact they are so comprehensive that you can piece up together the ambiguous parts and get the bigger and much clearer picture overall.

Moreover, the results generated are based on the information extracted from the various gadgets that the spying application has been downloaded on. Therefore, there is little chance that the information would be made up.

Question 4: How well does the “remote access” feature work?

How well the remote access feature works solely depends on the spying application that you choose and whether it even offers such an option or not. With many spying applications present in the market today, it becomes fairly difficult to choose the right one. Therefore, after listing down your needs and requirements, it is always a good idea to go through different customer reviews to get a better understanding of how well each feature works along with the whole application. Moreover, good spy applications also offer trial version which can be a great help in choosing the right software.

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Question 5: How well is my privacy guarded?

While it is true that all your data gets collected over the remote servers of every application that you download on your gadget, there are some reliable monitoring applications TheOneSpy, FlexiSpy & mSpy that have declared from the very start that they don’t save any of your data. Therefore it is always a good idea to thoroughly go through the software terms and conditions before deciding to get it.


Spying applications are there to assist you with your daily chores and activities. Working parents find them very effective and helpful as they can virtually keep tabs on your kid’s whereabouts without having to worry about them consistently. Employers use them to increase employee motivation and to protect the company and the employees from cases of corporate espionage. In the end, it all depends on your usage.

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how to install mobile spy software

How to install cell phone spy software

Complete Step By Step Guide to Install Mobile Spy App

While installing cell spy software few things need to be keep in mind so that avoid the problems in installing software is not that difficult but not an easy as well.

Are all spying services and software the same?

Absolutely not! They all differ in one way or another, but most of the basic spying features are usually the same. At the core of each software, they operate a little differently.

Here is the general way the installation process usually goes:

  1. All spy software’s are not same and differ in some way or other, despite this the main features of software’s are basically the same. They operate in different ways at the end little bit but the general processing is same:
  2. Spying software should be compatible with the device on which it is being installed.
  3. Target device should choose correct monitoring package for service.
  4. Software and services should be paid.
  5. Download links, information’s for account and instructions for installation should be checked into emails.
  6. Username and password should be registered with proper account.
  7. On target device install the software’s or download it.
  8. On screen instructions should be followed for instructions for making unique id.
  9. Device should be restarted.
  10. If it is necessary check and change afterwards the report settings.

All these steps may look easy to follow in the basic framework but be careful it could cause an error or probability that you miss any step. From device to device variations in installation process may be required.

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RECOMMENDED TIP – cell phone spy software’s cannot be installed remotely, you need to physically access to phone in order to install and use the spy software’s devices like iPhone, iPad ,iPod to be jail broken. You may not be prepared for everything but you should be prepared for it. Installation will need ample time. Be attentive while processing the installation on cell phones and being thorough this. It is the key to success in installation process.

This video details the installation process for TheOneSpy on an Android phone

TheOneSpy Xtreme Package Installation Guide from The One Spy on Vimeo.

How much time does installing spy software take?

For the tech savvy folks among you, installing spy software should not take longer than 5 minutes. However, for all those of you who are new to the concept, putting aside a chunk full of perhaps 30 or more minutes should definitely help get the job done. Since you are fairly new at this, 30 minutes is ample of time to deal with any inconsistencies or errors that may occur. Either ways, giving yourself enough time will only help you ward off the needless anxiety. Just breathe and take your time. There’s no hurry.

Once the software gets installed, people often expect immediate results. However, have patience, for it could take up 10 to 15 minutes for the retrieval and display of the monitored data. If your target device has a lot of data, then the process could take even longer. There is also a user friendly panel that comes with the online cloud where all the data is getting store. This panel will give you clear cut options on how you would like to view and download the extracted data.

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Follow these tips for success

  1. Always choose a spy software that will be compatible with the device and operating system that will harbor it.
  2. Going through the instructions and services manual will only help you cut down valuable time that you would otherwise spend on installation.
  3. It’s always a good option to keep all essential details like passwords and email accounts within easy reach.
  4. Be close to a PC, Tablet or smart phone that will determine the adequate reporting of data.

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What do you do if you need help?

After installation, you must expect an initial log in email from the software company. However, if such an email does not come, it is always advised that you contact the support team via email or call.

Every good software company comes with a round the clock Support Team. In case your spy software doesn’t, then you ought to reevaluate your decision for choosing such software in the first place.

Let it be known that all spying apps come with their own set of problems and warnings. However, with the aforementioned steps and tips, you will be able to deal with any of these easily.

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how does mobile spy works

How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Work?

Complete Procedure Of Mobile Monitoring App

When it comes to shop for right spy software’s it makes the one confused. There are many options in prices and features available from different companies that you can choose from. But how it benefit your family it is important to keep in your mind. When you looking for cell phone safety, features available in Semispy are amazing and will give answer to the question that how it is important to have this software.

There are number of companies of spy software, they work almost same. Only difference you will see in set up of software, but in overall functions of these spy software’s are same.

The Online Dashboard

theonespy dashboard

This is considered as the main area of spy system. All the details that phone will record can be seen on dashboard by log into as account holder. And account setting can also be control from this area.

For installation only you will need your device physically. After installation your phone will record all the activity remotely.

Dashboard will help to perform number of functions.

It will review and download all the log of activities, like photos, recording, video messages, or logs directly to PC.

It helps in setting up the alerts and notifications, such as locking or unlocking of the phone, recording starting, interrupting the usage of phone and even deletion of software’s.

Management of your payment options and accessing the all accounts settings.

It’s a simple concept but based on most advanced technology available. But it begins with access to internet and compatibility. But if these factors are not in place, functionality of software will be lost. Since they are essential for functioning of software’s, and also the base of issues in software’s.

Installation    Install-Icon

For installation you need to access the phone physically. Once the software is installed

all monitoring will be done remotely. Cell phone spy online control system panel is for accessing all online activity logs.

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You need to do few things in order that software function correctly. Monitoring is not correct if the user’s cell phone is not compatible with the software. Spy apps will be physically downloaded on the device. If any company claims that they can remotely do installation, is a scam.


theonespy compatibilityFor the cell phone spy to work, device needs to be compatible or needs to be downloaded on phone. All the software’s will have a comprehensive list of compatible devices. You need to ensure that user’s phone is over the list of that compatible device. The best quality software companies will have a great variety of compatibility.

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Even though compatibility always vary among all the spy software’s, but best spy software’s have variety that includes famous cell phones like blackberry ,iPhone, Android ,windows mobile or Symbian OS based smartphones.

Also all iPhone or iPad must need to be jail broken before installation of software’s. Also it’s not necessary that android is rooted but for advanced features will require to function properly.

Internet Access

phone_internet-512The dependable internet connection is needed to function properly for software’s. Internet requires for all the activity. Without the reliable connections the spy cell phone software is not enable to transfer the log of activities. Internet is also helpful in viewing the dashboard. Any lapse in connection will cause the delay in reports that will be transferred to the dashboard.

Any issues faced by the user in software’s could be due to incompatibility, bad connections and errors in installation.


The monitoring of cell phone software offers range of features that records the activity of cell phone into the log. Device that is compatible with software will ensure that the software is functioning properly. Having good internet connection is important for ensuring that installation has been done properly.

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spy on iphone without jailbreak

How to Spy on an iPhone Without Jailbreak

Is iPhone Monitoring Possible In Absence Of iOS Jailbreak?

Apple always come with great and some different technology and other follow them later. Apple tends to be a forerunner in technology world. But there is a one process about which apple is not happy because it has complicated their control in their infamous iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

What is Jail breaking?

Jailbreak is the process and it has taken out the operational limitations on operating system that is installed on apple products. By performing this users can remove the restrictions on their devices that apple applies. Other than apple store now users can download apps and other content from some other means.

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Jail breaking in device is giving many possibilities but it also problematic for user in many ways. Privacy and security is an issue in jail breaking is the reason that it’s not highly recommended.

Parents who have want to ensure the usage of their children and to monitor them correctly, but parents are not incline in using the jailbreak in process on their apple devices.

This step-by-step process will show that how child’s iPhone or iPad without Jail breaking in just a few minutes.

Step 1: Buy and Download PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition

One of the best facts about this software is that for subscription there is no fees. So, once PhoneSheriff is purchased by the parents they own it. Paying a one time fee of $49 and monitoring all iOS activities that includes histories of calls, text messaging, photos, contacts, saved notes, message and more.

After purchasing PhoneSheriff Investigator software, it will require to be downloaded. Other device monitoring will require you to download the software right to the device, but PhoneSheriff Investigator software is different. After buying the software you will be downloading it on your window desktop. And that is enough that it is downloaded on your computer now all the activity on device will be sent to iCloud account. This is easy way to monitor children and safe also.

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Right this time, Phone Sheriff Investigator Edition software is only compatible with desktop of your windows or laptop computers that are running Windows 8, 7, or Vista (Mac OS X version coming soon). It can be also used to monitor all iPhone, iPad or iPod iOS devices that are running 5.x, 6.x or 7.x operating systems.

Step 2: Insert Apple ID

Phone Sheriff Investigator was designed by those developers who knows the growth value in technology. As many of children are using more than one phone and devices that need to be monitored. While purchasing a software’s license, they can be enabled to monitor the multiple devices from one centralized location .it needs only to insert the apple id that you want to spy on then rest will be done with then PhoneSheriff Investigator will do the rest.

Step 3: View Activities Instantly

Once the software is downloaded it is up to you that you can start your spying right away and start tracking the activities right away. Any time logs are available and it’s that much easy.

PhoneSheriff investigator gives the 7 days trial and you are in luck if you use it. There is no requirement of credit card and personal information for getting started. It will gives parents ability to see recent activities for 7 days before committing in buying the full version of this investigator.

Download and try PhoneSheriff Investigator for free and see yourself how it works.

This software has created a whole new world for parents for iPhone monitoring of their helps them to track their children’s apple device usage with no hassle. It is also onetime fee software, but it can help you to investigate as many devices as needed. The software is based on family’s need.

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