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5 Apps for Internal Communication While Travelling

Of course, you loathe the idea of work while traveling, but sometimes, it happens. Your travel diaries, replete with escapades, might require you to add up some work reminders as well.

And, these are the times, when you need to be really quick on your toes. You need something that gives you a handy control over your communications.

So, what’s better than an instant messaging app?

We’ve rounded up top 5 app picks that let you communicate with your workmates and ease out the affairs.

1. iMessage


iMessage is a simple, intuitive messaging app, allowing you to interact with your iPhone as well as iPad-owing friends via texts, audios and videos, provided that you have an active internet connection or WiFi support. You can also group chat via iMessage. The app is available for iDevices only, owing to which you are compelled to use an emulator for iMessage for Windows. iMessages can be monitored and controlled by iPhone monitoring, controlling, and spying apps.

2. Facebook

facebook logo images Facebook is invincibly strong in the arena of instant  messaging, letting you communicate on the move. The app    offers real-time messaging to send texts, images, videos, audios,  GIFs and lots more to your Facebook contacts. What’s  more  You can create groups with your colleagues and manage priorities  when not on the desk. Simply said, the app gives you an unmatched messaging experience.

However Facebook logs, messages, calls can be monitored and controlled by most cell phone surveillance apps.

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3. WhatsApp

And, the name is enough!


WhatsApp is every messenger’s Holy Grail. The app works on an active Internet connection, just like the rest, to help you interact with your friends via texts, images, audio/video messages, GIFs and emoji. The newly upgraded ‘Status’ feature is also a delight, letting you show what’s on your mind and what you are up to, by means of images and videos. These status updates are Snapchat-Esque – vanishing in just 24 hours. However WhatsApp logs, messages, calls can be monitored and controlled by mobile monitoring applications.

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4. Google Voice


For the initiated and the unexplored, Google Voice is the erstwhile Grand Central and is the best from the app segment if you are looking out for something that assists you in keeping close tabs on the developments back home. Not only does the app allow you to forward the calls, but also enables you to pick calls on your computer. To speak in brief, Google Voice is your phone when you really don’t have a physical one. However Google logs, messages, calls can be monitored and controlled by remote control spying apps.

5. Viber


Viber is slowly acquiring the market and catching on to its very pulse. Viber is a great communication option while on travel. Apart from sharing texts, photos, and video messages, the app allows you to share locations, enabling your friends and family to know where you are during an IM chat or group session. Plus, Viber allows you to make mobile and credit calls when you enroll for a Viber Out Credit Account. The calls are charged on per minute basis. However viber logs, messages, calls can be monitored and controlled by mobile spying software features.

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