Blackberry Spy Software Review

Detailed Review Of Blackberry Monitoring App

The reason why Blackberry is preferred by corporate users over any other operating system is due to some of its key features such as super-fast access to Email, and Blackberry Messenger (BBM). Moreover, the convenience of having a back-up of all the data present in the cell phone on the company’s server, makes it the top choice for any corporate executive.

What is an inside job?

You must have heard this term on any business news channel or may have read about it in the business section of any famous newspaper. But if you are still new to the term, I am here to explain it to you.

An Inside job may be defined as an illegal and criminal act of leaking out some confidential information by someone holding a key position in a company, for the sake of his/her own benefit. For instance, if a bank manager provides the information about the bank’s security system to a thief in return for a share in the loot money, the manager has done an insider job. I think this example is enough to clarify the concept and to give you an idea about how crucial is it to keep a check on one’s employees.

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How to counter it?

Now this is a really big question for the corporate executives. The executives cannot possibly find out exactly with whom his employee meets, communicates over social media platforms, or makes phone calls to. To counter this issue and make things easier, corporate executives may use a Blackberry monitoring software.

What is a Blackberry spy software?

Blackberry spy software is a monitoring application, which a businessman or a corporate executive may use to fully monitor the cell phone of his employee. Such apps are widely available in the market, offering a wide variety of features and available in different price brackets.

How does a Blackberry spy software works?

Before discussing the working mechanism of such a software program, I would like to share a couple of things you need to take care of before purchasing a Blackberry monitoring software:

  • The targeted cell phone must be compatible with the app you want to install.
  • You must have physical access to the targeted cell phone, as no such app can be installed from a remote location.

Now let me tell you how such a software operates.

After you purchase the license from the service provider, you need to install the app on the targeted cell phone. Once installed, it gathers all the information from the targeted cell phone and saves it over the company’s server. The data saved on the company’s server can then be accessed by the admin through a secure user id and password. In this way, you can satisfactorily serve the purpose of securing your business.

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What it can do?

A Blackberry spy software performs a variety of useful functions when it comes to employee monitoring. Some of them are explained below:

  • Monitoring phone calls:

If a Blackberry monitoring application is installed on the employee’s phone, the manager can easily monitor the calls made to and from the targeted cell phone. This is a basic function and is available in almost all the cell phone monitoring apps available in the market.

  • Intercepting live calls:

Using a spy app, you may intercept live calls made to and from the targeted device, record the mobile conversations, save them over the internet and download them to your PC. However, this is an advanced feature, and is only offered by a few companies.

  • Monitoring Text messages and Pin Messages:

A manager may also read the Text and Pin message threads on the employee’s phone, only if a Blackberry monitoring app has been installed by the manager on the targeted cell phone.

  • Communication over social media platforms:

The communications made over social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, can also be read through a Blackberry spy software program.

  • Recording the voices in the surroundings:

With Blackberry spy software, you can listen to and record the voices that surround the targeted cell phone. This makes it a perfect employee monitoring tool, as you can come to know if your employee is sharing confidential company information with any of your competitors.

  • Tracking the location

Blackberry monitoring software also lets you know the exact location of your employee, as the application installed in the targeted cell phone works hand in hand with the GPS.

In this way, you can come to know if your subordinate is stopping by at your competitors’ place or having close ties with your arch rival.

  • Monitoring emails

You do not need to worry in case your suspect tries to communicate through email rather than using any other way of communication. A Blackberry monitoring software also lets you monitor all e-mail logs including incoming, outgoing, old and even deleted emails easily.

  • Accessing contacts and multimedia files:

Contacts database and multimedia files present on the targeted cell phone can also be accessed through a Blackberry spy software.

  • Monitoring browsing history:

You can also monitor the web pages visited by the suspect if you have installed a Blackberry spy application on the targeted mobile phone. And that’s not it! You can also find out the date, time, duration and frequency of visit to a particular website and view all bookmarked pages too!

  • Calendar entries:

By scanning the calendar entries marked on the target cell phone, you can come to know about all the future appointments of your employee.

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Thus, it is clear from monitoring features mentioned above that a Blackberry spy software can be a very useful employee monitoring application.

Almost all of the Blackberry monitoring software programs available in the market operate on two levels; basic and advanced. As the name implies, the basic version provides limited functions only, whereas the advanced version unleashes more sophisticated and advanced features. However, there are some companies, that provide full functionality on all the packages, the only difference being in the period for which the license remains valid for the user. A good example of such an app is TheOneSpy, which provides full functionality irrespective of the package chosen by the customer.


After analyzing the package plans and the features offered, one may come to the reasonable conclusion that TheOneSpy is the best employee monitoring software available in the market. It is completely compatible with all the Blackberry phones running on OS 5.0 or above, such as Blackberry Bold Touch, Bold, Bold2, Storm, and Storm 2.

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