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How to root android for TheOneSpy spy software

What is rooting? how to root an Android device?

Is it necessary to root my device?

No, it is not essential that you root your device to install TheOneSpy on it. TheOneSpy even works on un-rooted devices. However, if you choose not to root your device, many features of this application will not be available for use. They will remain locked.

For more information on features that require root access to work, you can consult the table given below.

What is rooting?

The procedure by which you can access special features after the installation of a software or an application on a device, is called Rooting.

Benefits of Rooting

The ability to use a greater number of features is only one advantage of Rooting. Here are some more:

  • The software remains completely hidden and undetectable.
  •  You can update the TheOneSpy software distantly, without having to physically access the device again.
  • You can remotely monitor their activity on IM’s (Instant Messengers) such as Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp etc.
  • You can send a Spy call to the target device and listen to conversations taking place n the phone and the surrounding sounds.
  •  You can activate the Key logger and capture everything the target types or swipes, including the e-mail and application passwords as well as the device lock pattern/passcode.

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Is it possible that I install TheOneSpy first and root later onward?

Unfortunately, that’s not the way how it will work.  In order to acquire complete functionality, it is important that you root your device before installing TheOneSpy on it.

How can I tell if my device is already rooted?

If you have a rooted Android device with you, an icon called SuperSU will be visible on it. However, it disappears as soon as you install TheOneSpy on it.

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What do I need to have to root my device?

To root an Android phone you will need to have the following:

  • Physical access to The Android phone you want to root.
  • The model number of the Android phone you wish to root (see above for how to find this information).
  • The OS version of the Android phone you desire to root (see above for how to find this information).
  • A PC within your reach.

The approximate time to root an Android device depends on the model number of the target device as well as the technical know-how of the person performing it and his/her familiarity with the Android device. Depending on these factors, where it may take only 10 minutes to root some devices, others are more intricate and may take as much as an hour..

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The Key rules to Root your Android phone :

Backup your unrooted Android device using ADB before proceeding.

After you have done that please note the following points.

  • The guidelines provided by TheOneSpy are only accurate at the time of writing. They may alter later and it may no longer be possible to root a device, using them.
  • If for any reason, you are not able to root your device correctly, TheOneSpy will not be responsible for any damages that you incur. So, do it at your own risk!
  •  Make sure that you follow the rooting guide that provides instructions for the relevant model number or the OS version you wish to root.
  • Remember that Rooting an Android device almost always nullifies its warranty. Only warranties for some devices remain valid even after they have been unrooted
  • Don’t forget to follow the rooting instructions in exactly the same order as they have been given.
  • All methods provided in these online manuals to root Android devices are for PC only.

TheOneSpy’s root access features are not working on my Android device. What could be the issue?

  • Did you root the TARGET device before you installed TheOneSpy?
  • Is TheOneSpy running in the NORMAL mode on the target device?

Note that if TheOneSpy is operating in the NORMAL mode, it is an indication that the TARGET device is un-rooted. In this mode, no root features would work. Here is what you need to do:

  • Go to the Application Manager menu and find the listed Software, which is TheOneSpy, in this case.
  • You need to deactivate and uninstall the application from the menu. Then you need to physically root the device first and then install TheOneSpy again.

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My Target device is rooted but the application still runs in the Normal mode.What could be wrong?

If the TARGET device is rooted but you failed to tap GRANT when asked by SuperSU during the installation process, TheOneSpy will continue to run in NORMAL mode.

You must deactivate, uninstall and then physically reinstall TheOneSpy not forgetting to tap GRANT when asked by SuperSU.

However, in the condition that despite satisfying both criteria about your TARGET device being rooted and tapping on GRANT when asked by SuperSU during TheOneSpy installation, full root permissions were not granted for some unknown reasons, then the application will run in LIMITED mode. In the Limited mode, you can still:

  • Monitor incoming/outgoing e-mails
  • Capture IM logs provided that TheOneSpy supports the relevant IM version
  • Enjoy the application working in complete stealth mode, completely hidden from the Application Manager menu.

Only when the trio is completed i-e- the TARGET device is rooted, GRANT is tapped when asked by SuperSU during installation and full root permissions are granted, the application will  run in FULL mode. In Full mode, you can:

  • Capture Email records.
  • Monitor IM logs, provided the IM version is supported by TheOneSpy.
  • Enjoy the application working in complete stealth mode, completely hidden from the Application Manager menu.
  • Send Spy call to any desired number to listen to ambient sounds.
  • Remotely update TheOneSpy from inside the online portal.
  • Remotely upgrade TheOneSpy from inside the online portal.

I forgot to check the running mode of the application, on the Android device, during installation. Can I check it later?

You can still check the TheOneSpy running mode after installation, directly from your online account by clicking Account > Action button > Settings and see which Running Mode it is set on.

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android spy software to protect your teens and children

Protecting your child with Android Spy Software

Kids Monitoring with Android Monitoring App

Parents are always worried about their children’s safety, aren’t they? A decade or two ago, when kids didn’t own personal gadgets, it was quite easy for parents to take care of their children. They just needed to make sure that their children are safe at their school and are not bullied by anybody in the vicinity of their residence.

However, there has been a great increase in the trend of kids using smartphones. Different research studies show that, android is the most popular operating system among teens due to its superb apps, user friendly interface, and superior performance. With such an enormous boom in the usage of smartphone technology, it has certainly become very difficult for parents to monitor the activities of their children online and offline. In such a situation, the only possible solution is an app to spy android. Before investigating how it can protect your child, let us see what it actually is.

An android spy app or a children monitoring software is a program that lets you monitor all the activities performed by your children through his/her android smartphone or tablet such as phone calls, text messages, internet browsing history and physical location. Most android spy apps available in the market are compatible with all the versions of the Google-owned operating system such as Froyo, Icecream Sandwich, Jellybean, and Kit-Kat.

Having defined the Android spy software, now let us see how it can protect your child.

Cyber bullying

Originally confined to the boundaries of a secondary school, bullying has now gone online, and is one of the greatest threats that any kid is exposed to. Kids who are bullied online face serious mental problems such as depression and anxiety that may lead to suicide. The most perturbing element that aggravates the gravity of the situation is that most kids almost never let their parents know that they are being bullied online. As a result, the problem remains undetected. To make sure that they remain in the loop when their children are exposed to any kind of online threat, parents should install an android spy software on their android gadgets. So whether their child is being bullied through social media, email, or through text and multimedia messages, they can always stitch in time to save the nine.

Location tracking

Are you often worried where your child is when he/she is away? Do you think that your child spends time with his vagabond friends instead of going to the school? If yes, then such a software application can certainly help you, as you can easily come to know the about location of your kid. Most of the spy apps have location trackers that work in collaboration with GPS.

And it’s not the real time location you can track, you can also set certain geographical limits for your children. For instance, you can mark an imaginary boundary on the Google map within which the android cell phone of your child must stay. In case, tour child moves out of the set limits along with his/her smartphone, the android spy app will notify you, that very instant.


Calendar entries can also be monitored with the help of a sophisticated android monitoring, which means that you can easily monitor what your child is planning to do in the near future. If you find anything suspicious, you will have more than enough time to investigate the matter and take corrective action.


Does your child lies in the category ranked as obese by BMI? Is it a routine at your place that despite your efforts to stop your child from consuming fast food, he/she is always bent upon spending his/her pocket money at his/her favorite fast food restaurant? If so is the case, it is the right time to install an android spy on your child’s phone. Whenever your child is away with friends, you can always track his/her location through the installed software and can come to know if about his/her whereabouts. In this way, you can always keep an eye on his/her food temptations, so as to devise a strategy to let you control your kid’s obesity.

Adult content

Parents always teach their children not to go near obscene content online, be it videos, photos, or merely text. Some parents also ‘turn safe search on’ in order to prevent their children from viewing adult content. But you would agree that these steps aren’t enough. There must be a mechanism in order to monitor the internet browsing habits of your child. The said purpose is served through an android spy software, which will let you know if and when your child views explicit content online.

Financial or educational reasons:

If you want to restrict your child’s use of his/her Android phone to the minimum, to keep the cell phone bills from rising and to make your child pay full attention to his/her studies instead of wasting time on cell phone, android phone spy is a perfect and effortless solution to your monitoring needs.

To sum it up. An android spy software is the ultimate solution to your worries regarding smart and responsible usage of cell phone technology by your kids. No matter whether you use it for the purpose of their safety, health or merely monitoring, it will always be a secure and reliable option to choose.

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Android Spy Software Reviews

Detailed Review Of Android Phone Spy Software

You flip the pages on any smartphone and you’ll find more Android apps than any other. Android Operating System has tremendously gained on in its popularity, over the years. Android apps have become the number one choice for many owing to their appealing and user-friendly interface, smooth operations and usefulness in daily life.

Keeping the growing popularity of Android operating system in mind, many smartphone spyware companies have developed such monitoring apps that work in complete compatibility with all the versions of Android OS such as Froyo, Ice-cream Sandwich, Gingerbread, Jellybean, Kit-Kat, Lolly Pop and Marshmallow. Some top-notch names in this field include FlexiSPYmSpy, MobiStealth and TheOneSpy.

What can these android monitoring apps do for you?

Android spy apps take you on a complete round of the phone or tablet that you set-up for monitoring. Here is a list of things that you can easily do with these apps.

  • Monitor incoming and outgoing calls:

More or less, all Android spy apps let you monitor the dialed and received calls on the target device. However some advanced features provided by selective apps enable you to tap live calls by sending a secret SMS or a hidden call to the desired phone. They also give you the function to determine the duration of interception, record and save the audio files on your control panel as well as download them to your mobile, laptop or desktop, whatever you use to access your account.

  • Read text messages:

Android monitoring software programs enable you to extract all message logs, whether short or instant and send them to your web account. They also give you the names and numbers of each sender and recipient, marked with the date and time at which any message was sent or received. Some of them also let you retrieve old and deleted messages. A good number of spy apps also allow you to read the messages sent and received through social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and other such messengers.

  • Track the locations:

An Android spy app works in synchronization with the GPS and provides you the co-ordinates for the exact location of the target, any time you want. Moreover, these spy apps keep a record of all the previous places visited by the subject and provide you a graphical representation on Google map, for you to understand it better. This feature provides dual benefits: firstly it not only help you to keep a check on the target’s whereabouts, it also helps you locate your device in case it is stolen or lost.

  • Monitor browsing history:

Android spy software keeps you abreast of the browsing habits of your target, may it be your child, spouse or employee. It gives a detailed record of the internet browsing history, including the websites visited, the frequency and duration of visit as well as the date and time at which each visit took place. Some apps also have the smartness to excavate old and deleted webpages. In addition, you can also view the bookmarked pages that can give you an idea about the interests of the target.

How you may use it?

Android monitoring software can be used for different reasons but the salient purpose at hand is to be sure that the target is behaving in a proper way and not violating any ethical and legal boundaries.

Let’s have a quick look at its different applications in our daily lives:

  • Parental control application:

The question is why we need parental control application? It is common nowadays for teenagers to have a handset with them at all times. Some of their activities on their smartphones may be obvious but there is a lot more that they keep to themselves. Parents can use Android spy apps to monitor their mobile usage, such as checking out their messages, call logs, internet history, locations and much more. This way they can be sure that their child is not getting off the track, as in by sitting in bad company or by viewing adult & inappropriate content over the internet.

Moreover, by tracing their social media activity, parents can find out if their children are not becoming victims to cyberbullying.

  • Employee monitoring application:

Research on this subject shows that a big chunk of employees use their company time for non-work related activities such as using social media, chatting, online shopping and playing games. In a small organization, such kind of deviations can be easily noticed. But when it comes to companies that work on a mega-scale and have thousands of people working under them, it is very difficult to keep a watch on each one of them. In such cases, it is advisable to install Android spy apps on the company phones, before handing them over to the employees. This way, their deviations from work and loyalty to the company can be recorded and used as an evident proof by the managers and directors to sieve out people for the yearly promotions and appraisals. Plus, it also helps trace physical locations of the employees, especially those who work in the field. As it is incumbent upon the company to inform its members about the surveillance, it also discourages people from plotting conspiracies and bullying their colleagues, for the fear of getting fired.

  • Personal use:

What’s more interesting is that you may install an Android monitoring app on your own, personal cell phone. Now how can that be helpful?

Firstly, at times we need to reboot our devices, that can wipe out all data from our mobile phones. Instead of rushing here and there, plugging your device to other systems for transfer of data, Android spy software provide you with enough online space to save your phone data and create a back-up that is secure and can be accessed at any time.

Secondly, if your smartphone gets lost or stolen, you can, not easily trace its location from your control panel but also be saved from the hassle of gathering your data again.


Most android monitoring apps come in two basic packages; basic and premium, the difference being in the price and the number of features offered.

However, a few companies provide full functionality for all their packages, differentiating them from each other by the duration for which the license remains valid. A good example of one such enterprise is TheOneSpy.

How to use it?

In order to use an Android spy software, you need to log in to your personal account/control panel available on the company’s website. However, as it is not feasible for you to carry your laptop or desktop everywhere, TheOneSpy has launched its Android cell phone monitoring navigation app, named as TOS, which is available at the Play Store, Amazon, and Opera Store. This app facilitates its users to monitor their subjects, using all the features of the original cell phone monitoring software from anywhere around the globe.

Keeping the price, packages, and the  features offered in mind, we can proudly declare TheOneSpy to be the best Android monitoring app available in the market.

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