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How To Conduct An Effective Mobile App Marketing Campaign

Mobile App Marketing

Marketing an app for whatever device is not an easy undertaking. While each application is different, the strategy to market it should be equally unique. You can obtain the help of an app marketing agency, or you can start with the following easy procedures.

Ensure Your Idea is Valid

This is perhaps the most important stage even before the actual marketing procedures. It involves building an app that many people will actually like and use. By conducting meticulous market research, you will gain invaluable insights.

Ensure the solution that you want to introduce actually solves people’s problems. Your press kit should discuss what the app does. Be careful with the information you give. Otherwise, you may disclose too many secrets and risk giving the entire idea away. Use efficient tools such as screenshots and descriptions to attract subscribers.

Start with Social Media

The fact that setting up accounts on most social media networks is free or affordable cannot be overemphasized. With free or affordable options such as Facebook and Twitter, you access millions of users, followers, and subscribers.

Once you have set up accounts, start following and liking people and organizations that either use these apps or talk about them. When you start sharing valid useful information, other people will start following you and liking your activity, further expanding your reach. The secret here is creating a buzz during the launch and subsequent use of the application.

Build a Microsite

Just as the name suggests, a microsite is a miniature website. Here, you discuss details of your app in two or three short web pages; as people download the app from conventional app stores, your product gains valuable traffic from search engines.

While at it, ensure you use converting Meta descriptions, keywords, and key phrases to directed search engine users to your miniature website. Ensure the wordings; images and video on this website are actually converted to the average passive visitor.

Create a Stunning Teaser

To hook prospective subscribers into using the app, develop a short teaser into what the product does. Encourage people who visit your microsite to try out the teaser and then share their email addresses with you. When the app actually launches, notify this clientele via email. This is a prudent approach to gather would be customers as they sample the demo of the real thing.

Generate Hype

Bloggers, publications and news outlets greet every new product in the market with considerable applause. The more hype you generate around the existence and imminent launch, the more people get to know about it.

Therefore, talk to owners of blogs and online magazines. Read the reviews on your landing page to get valuable insights. Even after the launch of the product, contact these people again, this time with statistics of downloads, customer reviews, and other details that will keep the app newsworthy and relevant.

Decide on Pricing

You can either make money from actual downloads of your apps or from in-app purchases of other products. Therefore, decide what income-generating model you want to adopt. Other valuable points are using a right name for the app and encouraging users to share it with their friends, colleagues, and family.


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monitor iphone text messages

How to do iPhone Text Spying?

Complete Guide to monitor iPhone Text Messages

Helen works in America, where she was born, brought up and educated, in a well-reputed company. She is almost 40 and has a daughter of 16. She has often to visit other cities in the country for her work, but she always knows what her daughter in doing on her iPhone messages like who she talks to, who she sends messages to, what messages are sent and who the receiver is. She was worried about her daughter’s iPhone activities, so she figured out to keep herself satisfied that her daughter is talking to the right people and doesn’t involve into something wrong.

After reading the short story, the readers will be reckoning is it possible to do iPhone text spying and if yes, how can it be done? Before we enlist all the ingredients, tools, tricks, and instructions, it’s mandatory to tell the iPhone users that they can monitor text messages, iMessages on the other iPhone. Text messages are sent and received using a cell phone number that the user owns while iMessage is a service introduced by Apple in 2011 that works when you have an internet connection. iMessage service is available on iOS 5, and all iOS launched after 2011, so if two users have iPhone with the required iOS, they can communicate, talk, share photos, videos, and other stuff through iMessages.

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When a user spies on iPhone text messages and iMessages, he/she receives all the details including text message history, all sent and received messages, dates and time, the receivers and their phone numbers and same is the case with iMessages. In iMessages, the controller doesn’t get a contact number, but the email registered of sender and receiver and all the content shared between them as well.

How can You Spy iPhone Text Messages?

Frankly speaking, there is no general way to get into the details of iPhone text messages for spying, so there is one and only way to intercept messages and that’s deployment of a spying app/program/software. What are the spying apps? How do these spy on other devices and how can these be installed? These are the few questions that will arise in readers’ mind after going through this write-up. Let us be more specific. A spying app can monitor various activities on cell phones, smartphones, and tablets and even on window phones. The app is installed on the target device after making a purchase, and once it gets installed, it starts reporting according to its available features and programs.

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There are some spying apps available in markets but how a user can figure out which is the best and most reliable that operates with efficacy, accuracy and imparts reports with comfort without letting the target person smell that he/she is being spied? TheOneSpy app, Mobile Spy, mSpy, TrackMyFone, FlexiSpy, etc. are the few renowned monitoring apps but the one mentioned on top, TheOneSpy, has no match and is second to none in functionality, effectiveness, accuracy, reporting, customer services, pricing and use.

Though all the above mentioned spying apps let the users do iPhone text spying, TheOneSpy is the most trusted one, and it provides a user-friendly interface that operates all the time around the clock. After buying the app, you will install it on the target device, and TheOneSpy will bring all the iPhone text messages and iMessages in your pocket. It functions so effectively that the target person can never detect it. When you do iPhone text monitoring, you will receive all the messages, texts, details, photos, videos and other material shared either by text messages or iMessages. This is how a user can monitor iPhone text messages on their iPhone, iPad and iPod as well.

Why is it Important to do iPhone Text Spying?

The spying apps offer a range of monitoring and tracking features for all the Android, iOS, BB, tablet and Window phone users so they can ensure safety, vigilance and monitoring of their kids, beloved ones, spouses and even the employees.

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Three scenarios are prominent nowadays:

•          Parents only need a stable and reliable spying system to let them know about their kids, their daily activities, social media use, locations, whereabouts and who they communicate with their cell phones.

•          Spouses may suspect their partners, so they got to check whether they are cheating on them or not. Most of the relations face destruction or break-ups, so now the partners can survey them and keep a record of their activities. Even spouses can utilize the spying apps for security and protection of their partners as well.

•          Employers remain worried about activities of their employees so they can buy, install and monitor their subordinates all the time around the clock.

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theonespy android spy rooting

How to root android for TheOneSpy spy software

What is rooting? how to root an Android device?

Is it necessary to root my device?

No, it is not essential that you root your device to install TheOneSpy on it. TheOneSpy even works on un-rooted devices. However, if you choose not to root your device, many features of this application will not be available for use. They will remain locked.

For more information on features that require root access to work, you can consult the table given below.

What is rooting?

The procedure by which you can access special features after the installation of a software or an application on a device, is called Rooting.

Benefits of Rooting

The ability to use a greater number of features is only one advantage of Rooting. Here are some more:

  • The software remains completely hidden and undetectable.
  •  You can update the TheOneSpy software distantly, without having to physically access the device again.
  • You can remotely monitor their activity on IM’s (Instant Messengers) such as Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp etc.
  • You can send a Spy call to the target device and listen to conversations taking place n the phone and the surrounding sounds.
  •  You can activate the Key logger and capture everything the target types or swipes, including the e-mail and application passwords as well as the device lock pattern/passcode.

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Is it possible that I install TheOneSpy first and root later onward?

Unfortunately, that’s not the way how it will work.  In order to acquire complete functionality, it is important that you root your device before installing TheOneSpy on it.

How can I tell if my device is already rooted?

If you have a rooted Android device with you, an icon called SuperSU will be visible on it. However, it disappears as soon as you install TheOneSpy on it.

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What do I need to have to root my device?

To root an Android phone you will need to have the following:

  • Physical access to The Android phone you want to root.
  • The model number of the Android phone you wish to root (see above for how to find this information).
  • The OS version of the Android phone you desire to root (see above for how to find this information).
  • A PC within your reach.

The approximate time to root an Android device depends on the model number of the target device as well as the technical know-how of the person performing it and his/her familiarity with the Android device. Depending on these factors, where it may take only 10 minutes to root some devices, others are more intricate and may take as much as an hour..

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The Key rules to Root your Android phone :

Backup your unrooted Android device using ADB before proceeding.

After you have done that please note the following points.

  • The guidelines provided by TheOneSpy are only accurate at the time of writing. They may alter later and it may no longer be possible to root a device, using them.
  • If for any reason, you are not able to root your device correctly, TheOneSpy will not be responsible for any damages that you incur. So, do it at your own risk!
  •  Make sure that you follow the rooting guide that provides instructions for the relevant model number or the OS version you wish to root.
  • Remember that Rooting an Android device almost always nullifies its warranty. Only warranties for some devices remain valid even after they have been unrooted
  • Don’t forget to follow the rooting instructions in exactly the same order as they have been given.
  • All methods provided in these online manuals to root Android devices are for PC only.

TheOneSpy’s root access features are not working on my Android device. What could be the issue?

  • Did you root the TARGET device before you installed TheOneSpy?
  • Is TheOneSpy running in the NORMAL mode on the target device?

Note that if TheOneSpy is operating in the NORMAL mode, it is an indication that the TARGET device is un-rooted. In this mode, no root features would work. Here is what you need to do:

  • Go to the Application Manager menu and find the listed Software, which is TheOneSpy, in this case.
  • You need to deactivate and uninstall the application from the menu. Then you need to physically root the device first and then install TheOneSpy again.

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My Target device is rooted but the application still runs in the Normal mode.What could be wrong?

If the TARGET device is rooted but you failed to tap GRANT when asked by SuperSU during the installation process, TheOneSpy will continue to run in NORMAL mode.

You must deactivate, uninstall and then physically reinstall TheOneSpy not forgetting to tap GRANT when asked by SuperSU.

However, in the condition that despite satisfying both criteria about your TARGET device being rooted and tapping on GRANT when asked by SuperSU during TheOneSpy installation, full root permissions were not granted for some unknown reasons, then the application will run in LIMITED mode. In the Limited mode, you can still:

  • Monitor incoming/outgoing e-mails
  • Capture IM logs provided that TheOneSpy supports the relevant IM version
  • Enjoy the application working in complete stealth mode, completely hidden from the Application Manager menu.

Only when the trio is completed i-e- the TARGET device is rooted, GRANT is tapped when asked by SuperSU during installation and full root permissions are granted, the application will  run in FULL mode. In Full mode, you can:

  • Capture Email records.
  • Monitor IM logs, provided the IM version is supported by TheOneSpy.
  • Enjoy the application working in complete stealth mode, completely hidden from the Application Manager menu.
  • Send Spy call to any desired number to listen to ambient sounds.
  • Remotely update TheOneSpy from inside the online portal.
  • Remotely upgrade TheOneSpy from inside the online portal.

I forgot to check the running mode of the application, on the Android device, during installation. Can I check it later?

You can still check the TheOneSpy running mode after installation, directly from your online account by clicking Account > Action button > Settings and see which Running Mode it is set on.

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how to install mobile spy software

How to install cell phone spy software

Complete Step By Step Guide to Install Mobile Spy App

While installing cell spy software few things need to be keep in mind so that avoid the problems in installing software is not that difficult but not an easy as well.

Are all spying services and software the same?

Absolutely not! They all differ in one way or another, but most of the basic spying features are usually the same. At the core of each software, they operate a little differently.

Here is the general way the installation process usually goes:

  1. All spy software’s are not same and differ in some way or other, despite this the main features of software’s are basically the same. They operate in different ways at the end little bit but the general processing is same:
  2. Spying software should be compatible with the device on which it is being installed.
  3. Target device should choose correct monitoring package for service.
  4. Software and services should be paid.
  5. Download links, information’s for account and instructions for installation should be checked into emails.
  6. Username and password should be registered with proper account.
  7. On target device install the software’s or download it.
  8. On screen instructions should be followed for instructions for making unique id.
  9. Device should be restarted.
  10. If it is necessary check and change afterwards the report settings.

All these steps may look easy to follow in the basic framework but be careful it could cause an error or probability that you miss any step. From device to device variations in installation process may be required.

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RECOMMENDED TIP – cell phone spy software’s cannot be installed remotely, you need to physically access to phone in order to install and use the spy software’s devices like iPhone, iPad ,iPod to be jail broken. You may not be prepared for everything but you should be prepared for it. Installation will need ample time. Be attentive while processing the installation on cell phones and being thorough this. It is the key to success in installation process.

This video details the installation process for TheOneSpy on an Android phone

TheOneSpy Xtreme Package Installation Guide from The One Spy on Vimeo.

How much time does installing spy software take?

For the tech savvy folks among you, installing spy software should not take longer than 5 minutes. However, for all those of you who are new to the concept, putting aside a chunk full of perhaps 30 or more minutes should definitely help get the job done. Since you are fairly new at this, 30 minutes is ample of time to deal with any inconsistencies or errors that may occur. Either ways, giving yourself enough time will only help you ward off the needless anxiety. Just breathe and take your time. There’s no hurry.

Once the software gets installed, people often expect immediate results. However, have patience, for it could take up 10 to 15 minutes for the retrieval and display of the monitored data. If your target device has a lot of data, then the process could take even longer. There is also a user friendly panel that comes with the online cloud where all the data is getting store. This panel will give you clear cut options on how you would like to view and download the extracted data.

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Follow these tips for success

  1. Always choose a spy software that will be compatible with the device and operating system that will harbor it.
  2. Going through the instructions and services manual will only help you cut down valuable time that you would otherwise spend on installation.
  3. It’s always a good option to keep all essential details like passwords and email accounts within easy reach.
  4. Be close to a PC, Tablet or smart phone that will determine the adequate reporting of data.

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What do you do if you need help?

After installation, you must expect an initial log in email from the software company. However, if such an email does not come, it is always advised that you contact the support team via email or call.

Every good software company comes with a round the clock Support Team. In case your spy software doesn’t, then you ought to reevaluate your decision for choosing such software in the first place.

Let it be known that all spying apps come with their own set of problems and warnings. However, with the aforementioned steps and tips, you will be able to deal with any of these easily.

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how does mobile spy works

How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Work?

Complete Procedure Of Mobile Monitoring App

When it comes to shop for right spy software’s it makes the one confused. There are many options in prices and features available from different companies that you can choose from. But how it benefit your family it is important to keep in your mind. When you looking for cell phone safety, features available in Semispy are amazing and will give answer to the question that how it is important to have this software.

There are number of companies of spy software, they work almost same. Only difference you will see in set up of software, but in overall functions of these spy software’s are same.

The Online Dashboard

theonespy dashboard

This is considered as the main area of spy system. All the details that phone will record can be seen on dashboard by log into as account holder. And account setting can also be control from this area.

For installation only you will need your device physically. After installation your phone will record all the activity remotely.

Dashboard will help to perform number of functions.

It will review and download all the log of activities, like photos, recording, video messages, or logs directly to PC.

It helps in setting up the alerts and notifications, such as locking or unlocking of the phone, recording starting, interrupting the usage of phone and even deletion of software’s.

Management of your payment options and accessing the all accounts settings.

It’s a simple concept but based on most advanced technology available. But it begins with access to internet and compatibility. But if these factors are not in place, functionality of software will be lost. Since they are essential for functioning of software’s, and also the base of issues in software’s.

Installation    Install-Icon

For installation you need to access the phone physically. Once the software is installed

all monitoring will be done remotely. Cell phone spy online control system panel is for accessing all online activity logs.

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You need to do few things in order that software function correctly. Monitoring is not correct if the user’s cell phone is not compatible with the software. Spy apps will be physically downloaded on the device. If any company claims that they can remotely do installation, is a scam.


theonespy compatibilityFor the cell phone spy to work, device needs to be compatible or needs to be downloaded on phone. All the software’s will have a comprehensive list of compatible devices. You need to ensure that user’s phone is over the list of that compatible device. The best quality software companies will have a great variety of compatibility.

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Even though compatibility always vary among all the spy software’s, but best spy software’s have variety that includes famous cell phones like blackberry ,iPhone, Android ,windows mobile or Symbian OS based smartphones.

Also all iPhone or iPad must need to be jail broken before installation of software’s. Also it’s not necessary that android is rooted but for advanced features will require to function properly.

Internet Access

phone_internet-512The dependable internet connection is needed to function properly for software’s. Internet requires for all the activity. Without the reliable connections the spy cell phone software is not enable to transfer the log of activities. Internet is also helpful in viewing the dashboard. Any lapse in connection will cause the delay in reports that will be transferred to the dashboard.

Any issues faced by the user in software’s could be due to incompatibility, bad connections and errors in installation.


The monitoring of cell phone software offers range of features that records the activity of cell phone into the log. Device that is compatible with software will ensure that the software is functioning properly. Having good internet connection is important for ensuring that installation has been done properly.

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