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How can your restaurant business benefit by monitoring your employees?

Employee monitoring benefits for restaurant business

Many people do not agree with the latest trends of employee monitoring at the hands of the company’s management. They believe it to be an outright violation of human rights and an encroachment on the basic need to privacy. But if done within the limits, it can actually do more good than harm.

Recently a study was conducted on various companies to find out the co-relation between employee misdemeanor and the overall performance of the company. The research was carried out on some popular restaurant chains and the aim was to unveil the acts of disloyalty on behalf of its employees including the managers, servers and bartenders. After all, theft of property and stealing of money on a daily basis can drastically affect the profit loss ratio and stunt the growth of the company.

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5 famous food chains, operating at 392 locations across the country were selected for this purpose. The study compared the results of the use of Restaurant guard, a theft detection software by NCR. This was made possible by collecting statistics of the organizational profits before and after the company started using the application. The results were shocking and surprisingly positive.

The software was installed on the main sale counters, through which daily sales were executed. The program generated automated reports and detailed records of transactions made through those terminals each day. As all the staff necessarily had to use these terminals to get things done, the system provided the management with a proper, detailed record of the activities that took place. NCR itself probed the data and generated statistical reports and alerts for the users of this software.

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Once the software was up and running, thefts seemed to decline, however not as much as expected. According to reports, the average amount of fall in thefts registered across different locations was only a little less than $25 per week. However, the pleasant aspect was that a sudden boost in productivity and performance was seen in parallel. The revenue generated on a weekly basis soared up by as much as 7% of the initial revenue. Although the figures may seem insignificant but when seen in context of the total revenue generated, the amount is high enough to make a material difference in the profitability of the location. Surprisingly, the progress remained consistent and didn’t even fade months after the adoption of the software.

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The question arises as to what was the real factor behind such large differences in profits? Obviously not the thing that the dishonest staff was fired and replaced by honest people as there was no increase in the rate of staff turnover during the time when software was being utilized. Then what? What we can imply from such statistics that the fear of being caught made mischievous elements more conscious of heir misdemeanors and behave more responsibly at work. Once the corrupt elements realized they could no longer go about engaging in the same fraudulent behavior, they felt that the best way for them to make more money was to do a better job and become a better employee. They thought another way to recover the difference was by offering better services and making more TIP money. It is difficult to imagine how this would have happened had the employees become angry or disgruntled over the fact that they were being monitored. In contrast they started doing things the right way. This was certainly a good outcome and surely deserves an applause.


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How to investigate if your mobile phone is being targeted by spy apps?

Wonder, being aimed by monitoring software?

We hardly find anybody today who does not use a cell phone. In fact, nowadays a majority of people have switched to smartphones. As we hear from our parents, cell phone security was not an issue in their times as mobiles were not laced with the latest features and were primarily used for calling or sending texts at the most. However, in the past few decades, trends have changed. As technology grew by leaps and bounds, it not only empowered us to perform myriad of functions simultaneously but also enabled us to remain chained to each other through enhanced social connectivity. However, by increasing transparency and allowing open sharing of private details, it has also posed a grave threat to our social security. How? Read on to find out.

Today, cell phones are designed to multi-function smoothly and absorb a whole world of data inside themselves. They are not only used to make calls and send text messages to your friends and family but also perform a number of other tasks, such as social networking and online banking, all at the same time. To do so, you have to punch in your confidential details to gain access to your personal accounts. Now that offers a chance to the hackers to get hold of your private information by cracking into your mobile phones.

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Although there are 101 ways to go about hijacking your device, the use of spy apps to get hold of your cell phone logs and passwords is a very convenient and popular way these days. Therefore it is very important that firstly, you should never leave you’re mobile neglected and keep it locked using a secure key or a swipe pattern. Secondly, if you have a gut feeling that your cell phone has been behaving a little unusual lately, it’s time you make sure that it is not being tracked by any spy app, so that you are able to maintain your privacy. Below are some of the ways, through which you may check your mobile phone for surveillance, especially if it has been acting kind of fishy.

Is your phone consuming more than the usual battery?

Sometimes this clue works very well. If your cell phone battery is throwing up its juice too quickly, then it may point towards the presence of a spy app, working undercover on your device. When timing your battery, it is important to keep this fact in mind that batteries usually wear out with age and usage and as they do, the maximum run-time starts to dwindle. So you only need to look out for unusual changes in battery time as some inexpensive spy apps devour up your battery, much sooner than its expected run time.

Is your cell phone behaving in an odd manner?

You need to closely observe if your cell phone has started to behave in some mysterious and unusual way. Does your cell phone lighten up at times even when lying idle? Does it make any random beeps? Do you notice that the device sometimes shuts down by itself or behaves unusually? Yes, it is true that any cell phone can behave a little weird at times, but if this starts to happen quite often, then it is an indirect indication of the presence of a foreign invader such as a spy app on your device.

Does your cell phone shut down often?

Has it occurred that your cell phone shuts down quite regularly despite being fully charged? If so, then it could be that your cell phone is being spied upon by some monitoring app, But before you make up your mind on that, you need to rule out all other reasons that could be bugging your mobile, resulting in abrupt shutdowns.

Do you often receive some unusual texts?

Cell phone tracking apps don’t always work flawlessly, and their failures are not very uncommon. If such a thing occurs, it is manifested in the form of some unusual text messages, with absurd characters or symbols in it. These texts are delivered to the target; the one who’s being spied upon. If you are also receiving such texts, then it may be a sign that you are being spied upon by some monitoring app.

Although none of the above signs necessarily confirm the presence of a monitoring software, yet if these phenomena are occurring too frequently or regularly, then they are enough to strengthen your doubts and alert you about the cell phone tracking app that could have been installed on your cell phone.

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