how does mobile spy works

How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Work?

Complete Procedure Of Mobile Monitoring App

When it comes to shop for right spy software’s it makes the one confused. There are many options in prices and features available from different companies that you can choose from. But how it benefit your family it is important to keep in your mind. When you looking for cell phone safety, features available in Semispy are amazing and will give answer to the question that how it is important to have this software.

There are number of companies of spy software, they work almost same. Only difference you will see in set up of software, but in overall functions of these spy software’s are same.

The Online Dashboard

theonespy dashboard

This is considered as the main area of spy system. All the details that phone will record can be seen on dashboard by log into as account holder. And account setting can also be control from this area.

For installation only you will need your device physically. After installation your phone will record all the activity remotely.

Dashboard will help to perform number of functions.

It will review and download all the log of activities, like photos, recording, video messages, or logs directly to PC.

It helps in setting up the alerts and notifications, such as locking or unlocking of the phone, recording starting, interrupting the usage of phone and even deletion of software’s.

Management of your payment options and accessing the all accounts settings.

It’s a simple concept but based on most advanced technology available. But it begins with access to internet and compatibility. But if these factors are not in place, functionality of software will be lost. Since they are essential for functioning of software’s, and also the base of issues in software’s.

Installation    Install-Icon

For installation you need to access the phone physically. Once the software is installed

all monitoring will be done remotely. Cell phone spy online control system panel is for accessing all online activity logs.

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You need to do few things in order that software function correctly. Monitoring is not correct if the user’s cell phone is not compatible with the software. Spy apps will be physically downloaded on the device. If any company claims that they can remotely do installation, is a scam.


theonespy compatibilityFor the cell phone spy to work, device needs to be compatible or needs to be downloaded on phone. All the software’s will have a comprehensive list of compatible devices. You need to ensure that user’s phone is over the list of that compatible device. The best quality software companies will have a great variety of compatibility.

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Even though compatibility always vary among all the spy software’s, but best spy software’s have variety that includes famous cell phones like blackberry ,iPhone, Android ,windows mobile or Symbian OS based smartphones.

Also all iPhone or iPad must need to be jail broken before installation of software’s. Also it’s not necessary that android is rooted but for advanced features will require to function properly.

Internet Access

phone_internet-512The dependable internet connection is needed to function properly for software’s. Internet requires for all the activity. Without the reliable connections the spy cell phone software is not enable to transfer the log of activities. Internet is also helpful in viewing the dashboard. Any lapse in connection will cause the delay in reports that will be transferred to the dashboard.

Any issues faced by the user in software’s could be due to incompatibility, bad connections and errors in installation.


The monitoring of cell phone software offers range of features that records the activity of cell phone into the log. Device that is compatible with software will ensure that the software is functioning properly. Having good internet connection is important for ensuring that installation has been done properly.