Signs that indicate fishy usage of mobile phone

Signify Suspicious Usage Points Of Mobile Phone

The act of spying on someone has always raised questions on ethics and morality. However, in modern times, the advent of spy tools have not only facilitated the process but also silenced the hype about its ethical inappropriateness. Today it is not considered something very weird to snoop around into someone’s private affairs, provided the reasons are valid and well warranted. So, whether you suspect that your child is viewing adult content over the web or any of your employees is doing an insider job and leaking out your corporate secrets, you can easily choose from a large variety of cell phone monitoring smartphone, available on the internet and install it on the smartphone of your child or suspected employee.

However, some people have a knack for poking their noses into other people’s lives and spying for the sake of sport or gathering evidences for wrong purposes. This is not at all permissible and actually punishable by law. You are only allowed to monitor your child, partner or employee, if you smell something fishy going on in their lives. Now the question arises: How do we exactly ascertain that things are getting off the track and taking a wrong turn?

Here are some of the signs that may help you decide if something suspicious is going on in their lives and whether or not you would choose to track their activities via their cell phones.

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They use their cell phones excessively:

If you are in a marketing or an information industry(such as a newspaper), where your employees have a lot of customer handling to do, their over-use of cell phones may not make your eyebrows rise. Or if your child has to submit an important project next week or an exam to prepare with his friends, his/her constant occupation with their cell phones may be quite understandable. But if nothing is so and the obsession with their mobile phones still persists, it is an undercover indication that something is just not right.

So, the next time you eye some of your employees busy texting during an important meeting or your child glued to his/her phone at meal or bed time, way into late hours of the night, do not ignore it at all.

It may be clue that maybe they are involved in activities that they should refrain from. In such kind of situations, installing a spying software on the targeted phone is certainly a good option.

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They don’t make communication in front of you:

Does your spouse cuts off his calls during meal time or suffices with replying through text at such times? Or does your child or employee always goes out of the room to attend a phone call? If so, there is certainly something to hide. It may, thus be the right time for you to install a spying app on the targeted cell phone and find out the secrets they are trying to keep from you. Indeed you will be well justified in doing so!

They always keep their cell phones with them:

Normal people do not over-possess their cell phones. They may leave them idle for a while and do not necessarily lock it using passwords or swipe patterns. Unless the circumstances or the nature of their jobs require someone to keep their cell phones with them at all times and secure it too, there is no reason why one should do so. For instance it is completely sane to leave your phone lying by your bedside when you go to attend the call of nature or to let others use your smartphone for making calls or browsing the web.

However if you observe reluctance to leave the mobile alone or to hand it over to someone, it may be a covert sign that something fishy is going on, that they seem so keen to hide from you. So, the next time your child doesn’t let his/her sibling touch the smartphone or your spouse constantly hovers over you while you call your mum, wait no longer! Install the monitoring app on their smartphones and get a bird’s eye view of their cellular logs and other activities conducted on their phones.

To wrap it up, installing a smartphone spying software on the cell phone of your child, partner or employee may not seem justified at first, but in case you observe any or all of the signs mentioned above, you are left with no option but to immediately start monitoring the activities of the suspected person on his/her cell phone and tablet.